Monday, September 26, 2011

Write up for presentation board

The building is a recreation center for the elderly. Its target audience caters to the elderly. This is so as in Singapore, the aging population in increasing and most number of people falls in the 50 to 60 age range. Hence, my target audience is aimed to the elderly as with more population, it will benefit the building. Other than that, the building is eco-friendly, which includes all the ‘green’ features in the building. The purpose of this recreation center is to raise awareness to the elderly about the environment around them and to connect nature to the elderly as they are tend to be more sensitive to the environment. With this , the elderly can feel a sense of belonging to the environment. Besides that, my building also aim for the elderly to spend time with other elderly instead of cooping up at home, with no one supervising them, which danger can happen. With the different entertainment facilities provided, they can entertain themselves and also lead a healthy lifestyle such as gyms and the cafe which sell healthy food suited for the elderly. There is a need in building this building as research has shown that as the aging population in constantly increasing in Singapore, the age gap among the elderly and the youths are getting wider. Nowadays, most of the children are busy with their own work, thus neglecting time to spend time with their parents. Hence, the parents will feel lonely. On the other hand, some children send their parents to the old folk home. Some elderly do not like it as their freedom is restricted. With this building, they can have freedom but still stay with their children.

The concept of my building is an eco-friendly recreational center with some of the eco-green features, such as the roof garden, solar panels and reflective windows. The design of the building is somehow like the shape of the drawer and the reason behind this is where elderly makes friends and a place where memories is made and kept. The exterior of the building is brightly-coloured using pastel colours to attract the elderly’s attention. The building also have elderly-based facilities and equipments such as railings along the corridor, travellator, lifts, toilets which are suited for the elderly.